Descriptions for heat levels in book list

------holding hands, perhaps a gentle kiss
♥♥ ---- more kisses but no tongue-- no foreplay
♥♥♥ ---kissing, tongue, caressing, foreplay & pillow talk
♥♥♥♥ --all of above, full sexual experience including climax
♥♥♥♥♥ -all of above including coarser language and sex more frequent

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

wise use of time

Lately, I have been reevaluating my use of time. With a new book out, hours went into getting it seen-- which meant networking in the places readers and writers gather. While that was happening, I was writing for two blogs (once a month for a third), editing what will be the second in the Oregon historical series, and began writing the fifth in the Arizona historicals.

I am sure there are exceptions, but professional writers, those who take writing as their job/career) must network or someone else must for them. The simple truth is to sell, work must be seen by someone who buys their genre. Writers who are particularly good at this have teams set up ready to buy their newest work, which will guarantee it to show up well in Amazon's rankings, as soon as it comes out. Once it shows up, who knows whether it will stay selling, but it has a chance.

So writing the books and doing what will get them seen are important uses of a writer's time. Thinking about this has led me to look critically at blogging. I began 'Rain Trueax' in December 2011 when I put out my first indie book, Desert Inferno. My intention was for it to be a place to write about creativity, my books, other people's books, process, and promotion. I invited guest bloggers and mostly considered I could put anything here that fit with my writing philosophy. 

All very well, except that the blogs I write take time to get them to where I want them. Mostly neither this one nor Thoughts are written stream of consciousness. I like to find a theme or topic and it takes writing and rewriting before I am satisfied. In looking at how I use my time, one of the blogs has to go. Logically, based on seniority alone, it should be this one. So here is what I plan-
1) No more regular posts here, but I will continue, on no set schedule, to post excerpts from books or related images. That kind of thing takes much less time. I have had blogs just for the books-- Rainy Day Romances (something about each book and links) and Romances with an Edge (using an alternate cover and links). They only take work when a new book arrives-- and even then the work can be used multiple places.
2) My regular blog writing will now all be in Rainy Day Thought, mixed into the usual subjects like the ranch, animals, nature, creativity, spirituality, aging, history, photography, art, travel, culture, or whatever comes to mind. If you have never been there, come on by. I will always have a new blog on Saturdays and maybe more often but that's undecided.
Whether I continue with Thoughts, I'll see as I go. I like to write in blogs, but it's not something I must do to fulfill myself-- as is writing fiction. It is something I have done since 2005, but it has to benefit me and readers for me to put into it the time it requires.

Some people make up their mind what they want, and they stick to it for a lifetime. I tend to try this or that and see how it goes. When I began the current year, I reevaluated a lot of places in my life. Times of reevaluation seem healthy for me. Is something worth the time it takes? If it's not, change it. 

So for 'Rain Trueax,' this is the last scheduled post-- although if you are interested in snippets from books, check back once in awhile.


Tabor said...

Maybe condensing subject early in the month and another later? Anyway, change is good. The world changes and if we stay the same we will be left behind. I think you do a LOT of writing. Amazing.

Rain Trueax said...

The latest has been 5000 words a day (roughly) on the next Arizona historical. It's what is on my mind-- those characters, what happens next, which extra characters to introduce. It's fun but it takes time and is a stretch.

Then there is the blog where I agreed to put one once a month (Smart Girls Read Romance). That turns out to be harder than I expected as I am trying to satisfy the other writers there, where it's their project, and not just myself. My own blogs are easier that way but I like challenges; so am glad to be doing it.

I think I just needed the pressure off. Putting in pieces from the books here will be more fun and take that weight off. I really did debate which one to drop but the logical one is not to drop this one totally but change it to bits from the book. Then if someone stumbles across it who is interested in more about my books, it'll be here.

I've also been putting more into Facebook, my Rain Trueax page there, although I'll be evaluating it too in the future. One thing is I can't be a hermit and expect any of my books to be seen. The problem is allocating the time to the right places. I've learned a lot about marketing over the last three + years-- with a lot more to learn as i see the things others do and go wow, I could never do that. At first I resented marketing, but I've come to appreciate the challenge there too-- finding my niche and balance.

Dick said...

I recently finished "Round The Bend" and really enjoyed it. I just left a review on Amazon. Two of my ancestor families, probably three, came west via wagon train and I have read some about their trips. One in 1846 settled near Salem at Spring Valley, the other two came in 1850 with quite a few of their families, settling near Corvallis. I will be looking forward to the next two Oregon historicals coming out.

I bought "Sky Daughter" when it came out but haven't read it yet, so missed out on your recent free offer. My main thing with Kindle books is that I won't spend over $5 for one as there are too many limits to what can be done with them. Those from well known authors I'll wait until they come out on trade paperbacks and then buy them from Costco.

Rain Trueax said...

Thank you, Dick. I appreciated the review as they mean a lot to an author. Whether they are positive or negative, they connect reader and author. I read them all and learn from the ones that aren't so positive... naturally I prefer it when I learn a reader liked a book. :)

I have all my books at $3.99 or less. Round the Bend will go to $3.99 with the first of May. I put it out at $2.99 as a special. I plan to do the same with each of the Oregon historicals. There are actually three more. They will come out three months apart with the next one out June 21. They cover different aspects of Oregon's history with a different romance for each :)

I am not sure when the fifth of the Arizona historicals will come out but it's sure been fun writing it. I am 30,000 words into it and plan it to be maybe 80,000 words although it could be less. It won't be as long as Round the Bend. To tell any part of the Oregon Trail turns a story basically epic.