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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the unexpected

 nose pre-smashing

With my blogs, I do a lot of writing ahead. Sometimes I insert something more current which requires rearranging the order. That can lead to totally deleting when what I wrote no longer feels meaningful. So there was a blog set for today, but it'll be Thursday-- I think. Today is up to the moment in my life and my thinking.

Last week, I wrote a blog about how real life can abruptly change in ways we cannot predict, and it's important to take that into account when writing. If everything we write seems logical, follows a sequence of action, readers can get bored. They know it's not how real life goes, but what is inserted has to feel real.

Sunday night Farm Boss and I had planned to watch a video. As it was being set up, I went into our bedroom to use the bathroom and noticed I had not made the bed. That's not the usual, but it'd been a busy day. So I made it, petted the cat on it, headed for the bathroom. 

The Oriental area rug, between me and that bathroom, is played with by the cats; so I had no reason to take for granted it would not be curled on the edge. I did. I walked toward it without paying attention. I caught my toe on its edge and felt myself beginning to fall. 

You know how you have that moment when you think-- what to do? I tried to do a quick step to save myself but no good. I was clearly going down. I had my hands out to brace my fall but shockingly slammed my face into our flagstone stone floor anyway. I remember thinking this should not have happened, but blood was spraying every which way. It had happened. 

To make a long story short, I finally got the bleeding stopped, decided I likely had broken my nose and with the help of Farm Boss, got some ice and laid back on the bed to hopefully reduce the swelling that was inevitable. 

After some internet research (plus he had experienced such incidences-- although it was my first), we did what he suggested which is ice mostly, be sure the nose is breathing properly and that it looks straight... then you just have to let it be. I have a large nose at best as you can tell by the above photo. I was imagining all kinds of disasters for what I would next have.

So my evening got totally rearranged with one event. One momentary moment of carelessness which frankly could have killed me as that stone floor is a hard one. I could have slammed my head into the dresser and ended up with a concussion. I could have broken off teeth. Overall, since it's just my nose and a fat lip, I got off lucky.

How one moment from out of nowhere can impact dramatic writing was reinforced when I read this article the next morning.

We plan our lives. As writers, we plan our plots, but sometimes fate steps in, carelessness, someone else's nutty behavior, and it's all for naught.  Not only can life not be ultimately planned, neither can every aspect of a manuscript. Even when we know where our story is going-- and I always do-- how it gets there can have a lot of surprises. I got one of those last night.

It looks like my nose is straight (if it ever was), and now all I have to do is wait to be sure it is healed before i go pushing on it. That sounds like a couple of weeks deal. I will likely have a small scar on the bridge of the nose as my glasses were pushed aside when I hit and dug out a piece of flesh. Not great and also bled a lot. Glad I am almost 71, as that kind of thing matters less to me these days than my body's overall health.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rain, from Julie

Hope things will keep getting better after your surprising and unexpected fall. Old saying, "We make plans and God laughs."

Rain Trueax said...

hi Julie and boy that is sure the truth. It's what gets thrown at us-- or we throw that can change everything :) And so far so good on the nose (slight black eye went along with it, not to mention assorted bruises everywhere) *s* I keep looking at the nose to be sure it's really straight lol

Tabor said...

Falla as we age take on far more in the way of serious consequences, but then, we do not have small children to worry about when it happens! Hope you will heal sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

To Rain from Julie

By the way, I enjoyed the descriptive writing about your experience.

Ellie said...

Thank you Rain for your excellent suggestion of Romancenovelcovers - Jimmy is perfect for my hero. :)Beautiful...

Rain Trueax said...

Glad it worked out, Ellie. He's beautiful but it's more than that. He acts when he does his cover and brings that out in his leading ladies. There are a lot of good looking men out there but not many can carry off what he does :).

Rubye Jack said...

So glad you're okay Rain!
You know, "they" say we shouldn't have rugs in our houses cause we can trip on them and I hate it but there is truth to it.
My apartment has atrocious carpeting, kind of like outdoor stuff really, and I keep thinking about getting a couple of rugs but then I know I would trip on them sooner or later. Anyway, I'm just glad you are alright.

Rain Trueax said...

Thank you, RJ. I scared myself big time with it and still am antsy about falling again. The small rugs might be better than what I got caught by. The cats played with this one (5x9) and they tended to move it around and up against the bed frame which left its edge in the air some; then when I fell, it caught and held my foot. Its greater weight kept me from being able to save myself.

I am so aware I could have broken a tooth or even gotten a concussion if I'd landed against the dresser. I was lucky it was just a broken nose-- and it might even be straighter now than it was ;) I kept working to be sure it would be. the big saving thing was using ice that night-- while I laid back on the bed and shook lol

I will say it reminded me of the emotions that go with an accident which will be good with the writing ;)