Descriptions for heat levels in book list

------holding hands, perhaps a gentle kiss
♥♥ ---- more kisses but no tongue-- no foreplay
♥♥♥ ---kissing, tongue, caressing, foreplay & pillow talk
♥♥♥♥ --all of above, full sexual experience including climax
♥♥♥♥♥ -all of above including coarser language and sex more frequent

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

From Dark of the Moon and Diablo Canyon

 covers-- first for the combined novel and second the novella in which this scene happens
The second paranormal that I wrote started out as a novella and grew into three novellas. In it, three spirit guides got a point of view-- actually fun to write. Eventually the three novellas also became available as one novel. The novellas remained without the spice and the novel went behind closed doors for the whole relationship. Each novella stands alone but the first one is probably the hardest to read as it's very unconventional since it came directly out of one of my dreams

The issues I ran into when writing Diablo Canyon are arising again with my first in what will be five short novels. In it, I haven't yet given a spirit its point of view but am thinking about it. If I do, it'll be the demonic side probably but it's still undecided as other than when the human and spirit side interact, I don't need the other point of view. I might write two versions when the rough draft is finished just to see how it goes.

The following from Dark of the Moon is a fairly long excerpt. I had the first part of it earlier as an excerpt as I much enjoy this scene but it's a tad long to have both in the same blog. Pace made a great hero since he could see and talk to the other side, as he is doing in this scene. I've known a few humans who claim they also can. Who knows. I consider life mystery and when I am writing a paranormal, mystery is what I feel most.


“How much do the three of you know about the Damons and Cole’s stepbrothers?”

“Are they the reason Cole wanted someone like you?” Justus asked as he considered what he had heard and put together.
“Ostensibly.” He took a long draw on his cigarette. “I am not sure he knows all the reasons, and I sure as hell don’t. There is though something more here; isn’t there?” He looked toward the south, toward from where the negative energy was coming. “It isn’t just about human interactions.”
“The words you use make you seem pretty educated for a hired gun,” Remus said watching for the reaction.
Pace’s smile was cold. “I am not hired to use a gun.”
“Like unless it comes up, huh?” Remus said aware he’d irked the man.
“It’s never why I am hired.” He didn’t deny the need had occasionally arisen. He looked to Remus as though he was a man who could use one if required. Remus decided he should placate him. “Didn’t mean to offend you.”
“Like hell, you didn’t. You wanted me to get mad, and then you’d learn more. Well I told you what I know. What do you know?”
“Spirit guides aren’t told everything either,” Justus answered. “We get pieces, but if the humans close us out, we are left watching like anyone would. We wait for a chance to be helpful.”
Pace snorted. “At least, anyone who can be invisible and pry into the thinking of others without their knowing.” He took another long drag on the cigarette blowing out the smoke.
“That makes us sound bad,” Justus said in an aggrieved tone. “We are here to help. You know that.”
“If you’re such great helps, Justus, what do you know about the bear that’s been picking off Farrell cattle?”
“Bear? Nothing about a bear.”
Remus looked around nervously. Sometimes it was hard for him to remember he wasn’t flesh and blood. He had nothing to fear from a bear.
“Unless it’s a spirit bear.”
“You may not read human minds, but you’re all too good on ours,” Remus protested.
“I suggest the three of you head back to Myra or whoever you are supposed to be helping. I have a place to go and don’t need help,” Pace said as he finished his cigarette and snubbed it out on his saddle’s pommel before putting it in his shirt pocket.
“Hold it,” Racine protested. “I’d like to know something about you before I go.”
“Shoot… figuratively speaking, of course.” Pace grinned for the first time and Racine saw that devastating smile of white teeth against tanned skin. My God, even as a spirit she could appreciate that level of masculine beauty.
“Why don’t you have a guide?”
“You not too advanced in your work, I take it.”
“That is not true and was insulting.”
“I’d then expect you to know that humans don’t need guides all the time depending on their level of enlightenment. I actually do have one, but he’s got other things to do. He’ll be around if I need him.”
“I think you will need him,” Justus said.
“Then he’ll be here.”
“Mind telling us his name in case we run across him.”
Pace laughed as he brought his leg down and put his boot into the stirrup. “You won’t wonder if you see him. He looks like an old cowpuncher most of the time.” With that he spurred his horse lightly and took off toward the south.
“I hope he’s not going into the canyon,” Racine said.
“He didn’t invite us along,” Justus reminded her. “And we do all have other places to be.” He jerked his head to the north reminding her of her own charge.
“All right but that talk of a spirit bear scared me. What is a spirit bear anyway?”
“I suppose we should find out,” Remus said with a thoughtful expression as he considered where he might do that.
“You really think there might be one around? No one ever told me anything about something like that potentially here. Of course, there’s a lot nobody tells me,” she finished with a rather fetching pout, Remus did think.
“Welcome to the club, as humans say. I will find out,” Justus said as he, Remus disappeared toward Bozeman, and Racine headed for Myra.