Descriptions for heat levels in book list

------holding hands, perhaps a gentle kiss
♥♥ ---- more kisses but no tongue-- no foreplay
♥♥♥ ---kissing, tongue, caressing, foreplay & pillow talk
♥♥♥♥ --all of above, full sexual experience including climax
♥♥♥♥♥ -all of above including coarser language and sex more frequent

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Speaking of Changes

While I am discussing changes, I guess this is a good time to clarify my novellas. I've written five of them, my first being A Montana Christmas and the newest Rose's Gift. I finally created a category alongside my blog just for novellas. I found I like reading and writing these stories, which can be read in an evening. Mine range from 21-45,000 words (The paranormals just kept growing). They are complete books with no cliffhangers. Their action, by necessity, moves right along. 

Previously, I've written about what led to When Fates Conspire. I had lost a beloved cat and that night asked for a dream to tell me the truth of life. I wanted to think she wasn't really gone forever. The dream was like watching a movie. It was so exact, as to its meaning, that the next morning I knew it should be a book. 

That was that. I had no intention of there being a second book... 

Except, then I knew there was another story-- The Dark of the Moon. It began to explore spiritual power of the 'other' side as it seemed if we have spirit guides, there doubtless are other beings out there-- perhaps not so well-intentioned. What about the humans who have spiritual powers?

It was no sooner written than I saw that the overall telling required one more-- Storm in the Canyon. This book took the whole experience another step into the spirit world. For it, I did research on Native American spirit beings-- negative and positive. The characters in it are growing their spiritual power, and they better as something is out there. It has to be fought-- and earth powers must be confronted by earth power.

Each novella is complete as one distinct romance, for a different set of lovers, but the characters from before are the ones who must learn to fight-- for some of them, a new way. The setting is a big cattle ranch, south of Billings, Montana.

Diablo Canyon Cover by:

It seemed logical at that point to put the three of them into one book-- Diablo Canyon, which was as much a character in the stories as were the spirit beings and lovers. This is my only book with a cover I didn't create. 

When I write a novella, I don't have sex in it. I write the lead up, often the aftermath (pillow talk often carries a story forward) but no sex scenes. This is because of word constraints. Sex scenes take up space, can be lengthy (depending on the couple), but they generally don't carry the plot or theme forward. For the plot, it's enough to know they did or didn't do it.

However... once I put the three together in Diablo Canyon, I had no such constraint. Here's a confession-- I like writing about healthy sex as part of a whole relationship. That means Diablo Canyon is spicy. The novellas are not. 

For awhile I withdrew the novellas from Amazon for fear their availability would confuse readers. They might buy a novella, then the novel, and be irked to find they had already read part of it. I still have that concern, but discuss it in each blurb. I see the advantage of offering the shorter stories with closed doors on the sex knowing some readers find it objectionable.

When Fates Conspire, Book 1 of the Diablo Canyon Trilogy--
Fate, love, soul mates, and the spirit world, set in Billings, Bozeman and Bear Butte as two couples try to work out a happily ever after with very different ideas of what that should mean while two spirit guides bicker over their own role in helping their charges. With humor and pathos, When Fates Conspire explores questions of destiny, fate and love.

The Dark of the Moon, Book 2 of the Diablo Canyon Trilogy--  
The middle-aged mother of the hero in When Fates Conspire is trying to keep her ranch going when a stranger appears. He is not what he seems, but is he what she needs? This is a story of the unseen side of life, facing danger, second chances, and life on a Montana ranch. For all of us, when momentous events happen, it can force a reevaluation of what life is about.

Storm in the Canyon, Book 3 of the Diablo Canyon Trilogy-- 
From the two previous novellas, three powerful women of different generations (one coming from beyond generations) will be matched with three powerful men, all with their own secrets, their own destinies. The spirit and human world are faced with a third world—one mankind has long tried to suppress.  Diablo Canyon has drawn power to itself through natural events, which is now being used by these timeless beings with their desire to retake power. Storm in the Canyon is the story of the relationship between man and woman as well as humans and the ‘other’ side. Facing the deadliest of foes, nature and spirit must come together to win the day or see the world change as a new power takes over. It will all be decided in the canyon.

All three novellas plus the spice are in Diablo Canyon-- at $2.99, which will stay that way through February. I am thinking now of upping Storm in the Canyon to $1.99 at some point as it's long for a novella-- but leaving the first two at 99¢. If that happens, Diablo Canyon might go back to $3.99-- where it was. But anyway through February, it stays as it is.

Diablo Canyon Trailer: