Descriptions for heat levels in book list

------holding hands, perhaps a gentle kiss
♥♥ ---- more kisses but no tongue-- no foreplay
♥♥♥ ---kissing, tongue, caressing, foreplay & pillow talk
♥♥♥♥ --all of above, full sexual experience including climax
♥♥♥♥♥ -all of above including coarser language and sex more frequent

Sunday, July 20, 2014

cover remodels

 So if someone makes the argument that a writer should wait to publish until the book is as good as they possibly can make it, which means maybe never since they keep getting better at what they can write, then the same argument could hold true for covers, right? 

For an indie writer, one benefit with eBooks is the ability to change the book-- words, blurbs, and covers.  Paperbacks, of course, are a different ballgame. But because I can change covers, I have. Now, not every single book has had it happen. I have a couple who have only had one or maybe two covers at the most with some tweaking perhaps on titles, but overall eight of my books are more or less how they began. Of course, three of those books haven't been out very long; but I tend to think they will remain because even though they haven't sold that well, the covers fit the stories as well as I can imagine any image doing. When I can, I'd rather keep the cover as they began. It's easier.

However, in the last month or two, I've changed four covers in significant ways. In a housekeeping mood, I've even changed blogs with different backgrounds and opening photos.  It reminds me of how Farm Boss used to come home from work, and I'd be telling him where I wanted the sofa, and how it would look better. This farmhouse has made that kind of change rare as the rooms don't lend themselves well to shifting things around. Remodeling is always about thinking there is a better way.

When I get the idea of changing a cover, I often have no idea where I will go with it. In this case, I found the image of a man and woman which I had bought some time back but never used. I also grabbed one of my own sky photographs from Tucson.

Sky Daughter isn't an easy story to capture in one image. It's of a young woman who went to her grandfather's mountain to heal from a series of losses and disappointments and a man caught up in a weird plot which distorts spiritual power. There is a monster. Adding it to the cover helps to illustrate the risk this couple are under as they try to find the answer to what is going on without getting killed. It has a mix of witchcraft, nature, cultural differences, and Idaho.

Because of its complex story, Sky daughter has had, since it came out May or June of 2012, six or seven covers. I also think this one is permanent as finally it seems to depict the energy of the story in the way I want. The tough part with covers is one image has to say it all. Not easy.

Next blog will get into the other recent cover changes and why the new ones seem better.

Update: I changed Sky Daughter again which you can see alongside here. I saw this possibility at CanStock and it led to a new subscription to get it. I like it though better than anything I ever had; so maybe it will now stay this way!



Tabor said...

I used to read romance novels by the dozens when I was much younger. They no longer have an appeal and I honestly think one reason is the lack of reality in the covers. Every man has a six-pack and every woman is perfect in figure. I know that is what makes them sell, but for me the appeal has gone...probably along with the hormones.

Rain Trueax said...

lol Tabor. I tried the covers to start without that. It was criticized. The cover before this one had just a woman in an ethereal pose and that didn't work either. Here's the thing they are fantasies = women are beautiful and men good looking. They are also younger but that is where many of us lived our own love stories.

Once you get into the story though they vary for how important looks are. For some men their looks are part of their problem. It's not as though being a beautiful woman or handsome man does not have potential complications. I wrote one book where the hero is described as ugly and is on the cover, I think.

I have one coming out, for the combined paranormal novellas, done by a graphic artist e & the emphasis is something else. That was true for A Montana Christmas. I have no idea how Diablo Canyon will sell though. I wasn't going to bring it out as an eBook but decided to spice up the story and that version will be the eBook. Sex is not in the novellas when sold separately. So a sweet or a spicy version. But the paranormals sold almost no copies.

Romance novels are about more than a love story. For instance Moon Dust is about a marriage breaking up, physical abuse, brainwashing, adult ramifications from abuse as a child, education in schools, and the danger from gang activity. Second chance, connecting characters, is about wildlife rehab and how our past can reach up to bite us. I feel proud of my stories and the fact that they are romances just makes them more to me, not less. I do though know some will never give a romance a chance.

I've said before if you or other readers here ever want to give one of mine a try, I'd give a free copy to reduce the risk of putting out a few dollars. I do though understand some will never want to read a love story. There are plenty of choices out there as alternatives.

The manuscript I am editing right now, with uncertainty as to bringing it out, is historical, rather epic of the journey west with wagon trains-- but it is also a metaphor for our own journey to wholeness. It is also a love story though.

My doubts on bringing it out relates to how poorly the last historical did. It sold one copy since it came out end of June. That makes me feel that the Oregon historicals (there would be 4) are better off staying paperbacks. That first one is a book I started to write when I was the age of my heroine. If it got so rejected by readers, It’d hurt. Better sometimes to write and hold off on putting them out—especially if a person doesn’t take rejection well lol.

My confidence is that I have a niche where there are readers but finding the,, even to give them a chance to see the stories, to read the samples is a problem where it comes to marketing which I know nothing about. I have been hearing from someone who claims they have ideas. We shall see lol But I have said all along, I can only write the stories that come to me. So if it's not what the readers want, not a thing I can do about that.

I can't say I wasn't warned by the publishing houses years back. More angst in my heroines was needed. Except I like to write about strong women, facing difficult situations, not weak flowers needing to be rescued.

But it costs me nothing much to write except time and my own angst sometimes lol I try to remain sanguine about marketing. I'd just like to be sure they got at least seen by their potential readers. I don't think I have that figured out yet. BUT as I said, writing is a joy for me and this isn't costing me much to put out except for the covers and that's my playing field ;)

Rain Trueax said...

I should add that I am amazed how many young guys today have hot bodies. I am not sure what the heck that is about. Better exercise programs? Steroids? I have no idea, but I see them around all over the place including recently in my driveway where it was hard to resist asking if the guy would consider posing for romance covers lol. I do live though in ranching and farming country where men work hard and it might be a factor in the hot bodies-- or maybe not. I have to say I admire them when I see them. My friend sitting there with me and I nearly did a double take at that guy lol, but i had to maintain my 70 year old decorum ;)