Descriptions for heat levels in book list

------holding hands, perhaps a gentle kiss
♥♥ ---- more kisses but no tongue-- no foreplay
♥♥♥ ---kissing, tongue, caressing, foreplay & pillow talk
♥♥♥♥ --all of above, full sexual experience including climax
♥♥♥♥♥ -all of above including coarser language and sex more frequent

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tucson Moon

Writing is a lifestyle that is constantly evolving and filled with so many things going on that it's hard to stop and think where am I in all of that?

Currently looking at the paperbacks, as they come in as proofs, to determine if they are ready is one aspect even though I have yet to figure out what I can really do with them next. I won't order as many in the future but since we plan to be back in Tucson in January, stores there might be interested-- or not. See how wise I am in all of this!

Then there is readying promos for the book coming out on November 29th-- Tucson Moon. I love that story as it's about not only the couple falling in love, but picks up the characters from Arizona Sunset and brings them to 1886. It's about communities, the desert, relationships, holidays, metaphysics, family, and the impact of our choices on ourselves and others. It's another adult romance but maybe not quite as spicy as Arizona Sunset. I try with my stories to put sex into them where the sex is part of the story and needed. I don't pressure characters to have sex but let it happen when I believe it would occur.

I enjoyed the historic research that went into learning more about Arizona Territory and Tucson in the mid-1880s. A lot was going on. Three cities were vying to be Arizona's capitol. Becoming a state was years in the future. Tucson was going through a transition from sleepy pueblo to a real city thanks to the arrival of the railroad. The broader political spectrum in the growing nation impacted my hero as a United States Deputy Marshal. These men were very much involved in not only keeping the law but politics as United States Marshals were appointed in Washington D.C. and changed when the party in power changed (although mostly the Deputy Marshals stayed the same but with a new boss). I found a great book on the jobs of these frontier marshals which helped a lot.

Tucson Moon will come out as both Kindle and paperback. They have gone to offering a matte finish for the books which improved the covers immensely-- too bad they didn't do it before we had ordered 10 Arizona Sunsets with the shinier cover...

moon from our Tucson home

Meanwhile, although I was supposed to be getting back into the fourth Oregon historical, I had a dream... and the dream has led to so far 10,000 words on what will either be a novella or novelette depending on how many it takes to tell the story of that dream. The dream was amazing, came from seemingly out of nowhere and yet had connections to my own experiences. I liked it so much that I wanted to expand it into a book. Fleshing it out has been what I've been writing this last week-- as even a short story takes more details than a dream offers. So far I've been enjoying this development a lot.

And if you read my other blog, you know I lost my beloved four-year old cat to a terminal illness. We began to look for a kitten as we wanted our remaining 8 year-old cat not to be alone. Until July he lived in a house where he was one of three cats. We found (Craigslist) the new addition after some adventures in that arena. Raven is 6 months old, coal black with golden eyes like Blackie and is settling in with the two of them adjusting to each other.

So promoting, writing, and living a life. That's about it for now.

Excerpt from the soon to be released Tucson Moon:

Priscilla came back through the door. “Ben said he’s innocent,” she said without preamble.
“Most men in a jail say that.”
“I believe him. It sounds like a misunderstanding.”
“Other than the broken arm, you mean?”
“A man has to defend himself.”
“Some people are more dangerous to defend yourself against than others.”
“And that would be Mr. Presley, who had him work for him and then denied him pay.”
“You know him?”
“A lawyer if I recall in Phoenix.”
“Exactly. And he had important friends in the court system. He didn’t take well to the injury.”
“Which he deserved for cheating.” He suppressed the smile. She was quite the spitfire herself when she got started. He well recalled her many times of putting him down. He supposed he was about to experience yet another one of them.
“Isn’t there anything I can do for him?” she asked.
“I suppose if Judge Emerson blocked his move to Prescott… denied federal court jurisdiction, and levied a fine, possibly it might be the end of it on the federal side.” He knew he could get in trouble for saying any of that but it wasn’t as though he wanted Ben put in the federal prison system for what likely was unfairness. Worse would be if they decided he needed to be put into one of the mental hospitals that were warehouses not treatment centers.
“You think he might do any of that?”
“He got burned recently on a federal case. It’s possible.”
“Well then I think I will find out about that,” Priscilla said with a wider smile. “So you won’t object if such a thing should come to pass.”
“Not me.”
If he hadn’t known better, he’d have taken those beautiful lips to have softened with a flirty smile and the look in her eyes saying things he knew weren’t meant for him other than possibly how she handled all men—wrapping them around her delicate little finger.
“Well what about another idea of mine. Will you object to that?”
“I am always cautious when I hear that kind of proposal without specifics. What kind of idea?”
“Grace and I were on our way to lunch at the Palace. Will you join us?”
He considered thoughtfully for a moment. “I wish I could but unfortunately I have processes and writs to serve.” And a warrant if Blake Johnson was home.
“Ah more abuses of the law?” she asked with at teasing smile.
“Depends on who is being served as to who gets abused.” With that teasing expression still on her face, he felt tempted to give her the kiss for which she seemed to be asking. Stupid thought as that’s one thing he knew he’d never be doing—kissing the beautiful Miss Wesley.
“I will forgive you for not joining us,” she said, if you will come to dinner Friday night.”
He knew part of having Grace at her home was to allow him gradual access to her life, but dinner at Priscilla’s home. That was a step beyond what he’d planned.
“There is a catch, of course,” she said.
He snorted. There usually was. He looked down at Grace who was looking from one of them to another. “You know what it is?” he asked his daughter. She shook her head.
“So what is the catch?” he asked wondering if it meant he’d have to put up with Martin Matthews company for an evening.
“James was supposed to go to the mountains and cut a Christmas tree but he’s got another bout of his lumbago. I hate to ask him to do it. Do you suppose you could? We’d decorate it then after dinner.”
He’d seen Christmas trees but hadn’t ever cut one, or even thought of decorating one. With the holiday so close, he supposed he should have expected this, but he had not. It wasn’t that he couldn’t do it. It would take half a day but he knew areas where the right size pine could most likely be found. Finally he nodded. “How tall?” He felt as though his fate was sealed.