Descriptions for heat levels in book list

------holding hands, perhaps a gentle kiss
♥♥ ---- more kisses but no tongue-- no foreplay
♥♥♥ ---kissing, tongue, caressing, foreplay & pillow talk
♥♥♥♥ --all of above, full sexual experience including climax
♥♥♥♥♥ -all of above including coarser language and sex more frequent

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Discussing 'Tucson Moon'

When you write a book, pretty much any book, there are a lot of elements that go into deciding what is being included. Romances like 'Tucson Moon' are, of course, about falling in love and then working out what is possible for two people. A novel is about a lot more than that, especially an historic novel with a geographic setting. There will always be a lot of decisions as to what elements belong in the story.

To add to what goes into it, writing a book is not just about getting to a certain number of words but instead how many words and events are needed to truly tell this story and to get to where writer and reader feel it has come to a good conclusion.

Last week for Tucson Moon I did a video discussion, something for assorted reasons, that I hadn't been doing as much of recently. It goes into some of the elements that I felt belonged in this particular  book. It was a fun story to write and came together very rapidly beginning as soon as I got home from a trip to Tucson with writing beginning in January 2013 and a rough draft finished in about a month.

Then came editing. Editing and editing again to be sure my story was consistent. Writing isn't just about telling a story but about telling it well. That's where I hope I got with Tucson Moon available as eBook and paperback November 29th.