Descriptions for heat levels in book list

------holding hands, perhaps a gentle kiss
♥♥ ---- more kisses but no tongue-- no foreplay
♥♥♥ ---kissing, tongue, caressing, foreplay & pillow talk
♥♥♥♥ --all of above, full sexual experience including climax
♥♥♥♥♥ -all of above including coarser language and sex more frequent

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Historical Romances-- Timelines

Oregon Historical Timeline
Stevens Family& Historical Events of the Time

                                      1795 Elijah (St. Louis Jones b. Missouri 7-31 Leo
                                      1815 Martha Stevens b. Missouri 10-18 Libra
                                      1825 Adam Stone b. Ohio 7/31 Leo
                                      1826 Jedediah Hardman b. Georgia  12/4 Sagittarius
                                      1829 Joshua Hardman b. Georgia  7/17 Cancer
                                      1831 Matthew Kane  b. Missouri  2/9 Aquarius
                                      1832 Randall Phillips b. Virginia  1/10 Capricorn
                                      1834 Loraine Stevens b. Missouri 10/31
                                      1835 Han Jei b. China; Bernice McDowell b. Illinois
                                      1840 Arabelle Stevens b. Missouri 4/28 Taurus
                                      1841 Jason Phillips b. Virginia  1/14 Capricorn
                                      1849 gold discovered in California
                                      1850 Homestead Land Act
                                      1851 Amy Stevens and Matt Kane marry
                                      1855 Adam Stone returns to Oregon
                                              Laura Kane b. Oregon
                                              Adam meets Rand Phillips fighting Rogue Indian War
                                      1856 Trail of Tears—Oregon
                                      1857 Elijah Stone b. Oregon
                                      1859 Oregon becomes a state;  Rufus Kane b. Oregon
                                      1861 Civil War begins
                                      1862 Jed Hardman goes to war
                                              Gold discovered in Canyon City
                                      1864 Snake War begins
                                      1865 Lee surrenders -- Civil War is over
                                      1867 Belle Stevens (Morgan) returns to Oregon
                                      1868 Snake War ends
                                      1872 Modoc War
                                      1873 Portland destroyed by fire
                                      1877 Nez Perce War
                                      1878 Bannock-Paiute War

Arizona Historical Timeline
O'Brian and Taggert families & Historical Events of the Time
(Some families are ancestors of the Hemstreet witches, 
a contemporary paranormal romance series)

    1833    Charles Prevo

1840          Jeremiah Taggert b. Kansas; Rose Jarred b.     Missouri

1841          Victor Hemstreet b. San Francisco

1842          Roman Alexander Oliver b. Kansas

1843          Lars Ericson b. Wisconsin

1844          Raul Cordova b. Mexico; Valerie Simpson b. Kansas

1845          Robert Mitchell b. New York; Frederica Jamison b. Boston


1847          Delbert Sicilla b. West Virginia

1848          Wei Song b. Weaverville California; US wins Mexico War

1849          Maria Jacinta b. Mexico; Apache wars begin 'officially'

1850          Constance Banyon b. Maryland

1851          Eleanor Samuels b. San Francisco

1852          Samuel Ryker (O’Brian) b. Kansas

1853          Laura Ericson b. Wisconsin

1854          Cordell O’Brian b. Kansas

1855          ---

1856          ---

1857          James Redman m. Rose Jarrod Missouri; Clint Adams b. Nebraska

1858          Abigail Spenser b. Illinois
1859          --
1861      Vincent Taggert b. KS; Priscilla Wesley b. Georgia; Civil War begins.
1862          Cochise and his band attack soldiers beginning Apache war
1863          Ellen Buchanan b. Texas; Territory of Arizona created by Congress
1864         Kit Carson captures 7000 Navajo forces them from Arizona
1865          Civil War ends
1866          Asa Taggert b. Utah; Rafael Cordova b. Mexico
1867          Cole Taggert b. Utah
1868          Jesse Taggert b. Utah; Connie m. Delbert Sicilla
1869          Juan Cordova b. Mexico m. Josita
1870          Raquel Cordova b. Mexico d. 1870
1871          Laura Ericson m. James Ferris Tucson, Arizona
1872          James Angus b. Illinois –
1873          Eleanor Samuels m. Victor Hemstreet; Jason Ferris b. Tucson
1874          Felipe Valencia b. Arizona
1875          Clint Madison b. Illinois; Nathan Hemstreet b. San Francisco
1876          Gabriel Cordova b. AZ; Holly Jacobs b. Ill; Wilhelmina Butler b. SF
1877          Grace O’Brian b. Kansas; Catherine Lawrence b. Boston
1878          Anita Cordova b. Arizona; James Ferris b. Tucson
1879          Alexa Johnson (Oliver) b. Kansas; Lily Jacobs b. Illinois
1880          Wei Zian b. Arizona
1881      Railroad crosses Arizona; OK Corral gunfight in Tombstone
1882      US government bans Chinese immigration for 10 years 
1884          David Ryker b. Circle R Ranch
1885      Geronimo leaves reservation
1886          major earthquake in Mexico damages Tucson; Geronimo captured
1887          Alice Ryker b. Circle R Ranch
1888          Jesse O’Brian b. Circle O Ranch; Raquel Valencia b. Tucson
1889          Daniel Cordova b. Circle O Ranch Jan.
1890          Ellen m. Robert Mitchell; Jose Valencia b. Tucson
1891          Alicia O’Brian b. August Circle O
1892          Roberto Cordova b. December Tucson
1893         Royce Johnson (Oliver) b. Kansas
1894          Will Tremaine publishes first dime novel
1895          James Redman dies Feb. Tucson; James O’Brian b. Circle O
1896          Valerie Taggert dies; Yaqui Uprising in Mexico and Arizona
1897          Spanish American War begins; Margarita Valencia b. Tucson
1898          Victor Hemstreet dies in SF
1899          Donovan Cordova b. November Tucson
1903          Tyler Taggert b Tucson; Joshua Taggert b. Tucson
1905          Samuel Butler dies SF; Ruth Taggert & Lucinda Taggert. b.Tucson

1907          Josiah Hemstreet b. Tucson
1908          Redland Hemstreet b. Tucson

    1912    Arizona becomes a state-- last of the contiguous states to do so


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