Descriptions for heat levels in book list

------holding hands, perhaps a gentle kiss
♥♥ ---- more kisses but no tongue-- no foreplay
♥♥♥ ---kissing, tongue, caressing, foreplay & pillow talk
♥♥♥♥ --all of above, full sexual experience including climax
♥♥♥♥♥ -all of above including coarser language and sex more frequent

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When Fates Conspire

I have mentioned before how my novella, When Fates Conspire, came directly from a dream. The plot, visual images, what had to happen, the way the spirit guides interacted, even answers to questions were in the dream-- even some bits of the dialogue. So in discussing the newest paranormal to come out next week, Book 3 in the Diablo Canyon Trilogy, I thought I'd begin with snippets from the first two books. 

To set this scene up, it is a discussions between spirit beings. Two guides (Remus to Lauren and Justus to Clayton) are meeting with Black Wolf, great great grandfather to the two main male characters in the novella.

The two guides, each of whom have their own human history, have brought into the spirit realm their personalities, and they often bicker over what should be done. My 'truth' for this book is that in the spirit realm you can keep growing and learning, but you don't leave behind the personality you were developing on earth.  Black Wolf is not a regular type guide but rather one of those who try, from the other side, to help their own biological family as they can.

In this scene Remus and Justus are curious to learn more about confusing unfolding events. The point of the interaction is to carry forth the story but also depict the differing responsibilities and varying levels of competence in the spirit realm.

Snippet from When Fates Conspire:

“Cole is my great great grandson.”
“Do the two know each other?” Justus asked wondering if he had missed that also.
Black Wolf shook his head. “After the Little Bighorn, the tribes were forced to go many directions. Cheyenne, even the few remaining Dogmen such as myself, disappeared into the mountains. Most of the people were sent to reservations.  I had two wives. One I lost track of for many years. The life as we had known it was over when Custer was killed. He ended us more effectively than if he had survived that day.”
“Just out of idle curiosity, is Custer living again, in the spirit like you, or maybe a guide of some sort?” Remus asked again curious as to how people progressed to enlightenment.
Black Wolf laughed. “Such questions are for the spiritually immature. I thought you were a mature guide.”
“Well, I was curious as to how he became who he was. I mean he’s this very famous or maybe infamous man. People don’t agree on who he was. I might know if I met him,” he defended himself knowing that wasn’t very spiritually mature as a need either.
“Ask someone else then.”
“Back to the issue at hand,” Justus reminded them, “Your family went many directions and lost track. I understand that. Hence you have two great great grandsons who don’t know each other but are much alike I am guessing?”
“More than two, but two of immediate concern. Why would you assume they are alike?” Black Wolf asked with another of those knowing smiles.
“You have been communicating with them since birth, keeping them aware of their Cheyenne heritage; so it would make sense.”
“I would say they are both good men but equally doomed.”
Remus felt a chill.

“That’s unfair,” Justus said with instant regret on his face. “Sorry, should not have used that word.”
“Why did Clay hold off on getting involved with Lauren?” Remus asked. “I know he could have moved toward her much earlier. It now appears he wanted to. Why didn’t he?”
Black Wolf’s laugh was beginning to annoy Remus. “Women. What do women matter to a man’s destiny?”
“Even soul mates?”
“That only makes it worse.” Black Wolf leaned back and took a puff on his pipe. “I admit; it has concerned me. Perhaps especially given the choice my other descendent made.”
With good reason, Remus was thinking as he tried to put the scenario together.
“But a woman is not to block a man from doing his duty. As for Lauren. She’s a good woman. I put no barriers up, taught no lessons, other than treat your mate well, but from what I observed, Clayton wanted her but also to spare her pain. He has always sensed his life this time will not be a long one.”
“I thought we had free will,” Remus argued.
“Don’t dispute the point with me,” Black Wolf laughed again. “It took me a long while to understand the Cheyenne had had their time in the sun. Was that fair?” He looked now at Justus. “Fair is a word hard to describe—for even what is. As to Clayton’s involvement with Lauren, it was not easy to fight. They had had lifetime after lifetime where they struggled to be together but never had a happily ever after. The Apache years are a good example.”
“I know the answer to that now. It was her fault,” Justus inserted.
Remus had his turn to laugh. “Ridiculous. They made a mutual choice that went against the tribe. He took her when he had no right. They paid a high price.”
Black Wolf nodded. “Men fail. It is in our nature as humans. Even Crazy Horse, with all his spiritual power, he took a woman to which he had no right. He paid a high price when he lost his designation as a Shirt Wearer.”
“It does happen.” Remus would not speak on his own failings. It would have only been a distraction.
Black Wolf gave him an amused smile. “That is all true. We should not argue over the foolishness of men.” His smile softened. “I had my own days as a hot-headed, young male. When life is finished, the question must always be-- will Maheo be proud of what we did. That’s the only real goal. Not some silly woman or…”
“Or what?”
“A woman can be the end of a man,” Black Wolf finished, rising and looking down at them. “I have said all I will. My goals are not your goals. I want my descendents to be strong and worthy of being called men.  I want them to do their duty. A long, happy life, well that’s beside the point.” With that, he was gone.